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Jan. 12th, 2014 08:57 pm
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Shego's a new character for me, so this is definitely an experiment! I love feedback.

Anything you like, dislike, are confused by, etc. please don't hesitate to comment. All concrit will be welcomed and considered seriously.

I don't think I have to worry about rude or hurtful bashing, but if any does show up, I fully plan to ignore it.

StE: Info

Apr. 21st, 2014 05:27 pm
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Reincarnated name: Sheila Go, formerly Shego
Age: 28
Occupation: Locke High School history teacher
Appearance (differences from canon): Most notable is the lack of a greenish tinge to her skin. Also, dresses in normal (if very fashionable) clothes, rather than a green and black catsuit.

(initial echo) Memory of having volatile mood swings while a strange blue man cowers away from her.

(initial echo) Shortened temper.

(Talking about clone armies) Memory of the name Dr. Drakken, and a clear image of his face.

(Hypothesis about her former occupation is surprisingly accurate) Memory of referring to herself as a supervillain, proudly and repeatedly.

(Aria demonstrates her glowing telekinesis) Sheila gets her Go Team Glow back... and nothing else. It's... a little warmer than body temperature?

(Russel and Kanti refuse to evacuate the on-fire theater) Memory of repeatedly saving Dr. Drakken from burning, collapsing, exploding, flooding, etc. lairs as he whines about his plots being foiled.

(Figuring out Stella's a sentient critter) Sheila remembers Rufus, the naked mole rat.

(Wise Snake plot - free tier 2) a: Sheila gets back the full-force end of her plasma blast range and... nothing in between. So it's either harmless glow or column of hot plasma doom. b: She remembers being arrested with the booking number 11734, and being charged with (among other things) grand larceny, destruction of property, assault, conspiring to take over the world, having outstanding warrants in eleven countries, and jaywalking.

(Chatting with Kara about energy blasts)Remembering that she 'should' have more control over her plasma powers than she does.
Questions, plots, or CR requests always welcome!

(Alien broadcast - April tier 2) a) Sheila remembers the green-skinned alien invaders Warmonga and Warhok from her world and b) upon remembering them, echoes her own pale, greenish skin tone back. She is not pleased. Expect plenty of foundation and long sleeves with gloves, for the time being.

(Still chatting with Kara, now it's superstrength) Sheila remembers her brother, Hego, had superstrength.

(Sheila and Melissa get mugged while shopping) Sheila gets her acrobatics back, if not her fighting finesse.

(Sheila goes to Melissa's karaoke party) Sheila remembers this scene, where Doctor Drakken is inspired to take over the world through hip hop, inspired by karaoke night.

(Sheila and Harry get attacked by mafia goons at a bad) Sheila regains her knowledge of how to thief, but none of the experience.

IC Contact

Jan. 12th, 2014 09:02 pm
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This is Sheila Go's voicemail. You know what to do.

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OOC Information:
Name: Claire
Are you over 15? Yup
Contact: Plurk: omnomivore, AIM: dbyumeaurora, or e-mail: daybreak.sleepers@gmail.com

IC Information:

Name: Shego in canon, Sheila Go in game
Canon and medium: Kim Possible animated TV show
Age: Unspecified in canon, going with 28
Preincarnation Species: Human (plus magical meteorite superpowers)
Preincarnation Appearance:
As a supervillain
Civvie clothes
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