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OOC Information:
Name: Claire
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IC Information:

Name: Shego in canon, Sheila Go in game
Canon and medium: Kim Possible animated TV show
Age: Unspecified in canon, going with 28
Preincarnation Species: Human (plus magical meteorite superpowers)
Preincarnation Appearance:
As a supervillain
Civvie clothes

Any differences:

Sheila Go will look mostly like her preincarnation, with her fashion sense leaning more towards the civilian clothes sample (though she’s still partial to greens). The major difference is that her skin tone is lacking the slight greenish tinge her powers give it.

Preincarnated History:

Shego was the only girl of five children. She and her brothers - Hego, Mego, and the Wego twins - were hit by a strange multicolored meteorite while they were in their treehouse as children. It left them with color-themed superpowers, and soon after they formed the superhero team called Team Go. During her time as a crimefighter, Shego protected her hometown of Go City from an assortment of supervillains like Aviarius and Electronique, and eventually got her degree in Child Development. Some time after she graduated, she left the team - and the city - to pursue a career in supervillainy. Hego claims that “the more she fought evil, the more she liked it,” but Shego herself insists that being sick of putting up with her brothers played a big role in the decision.

Going more in-depth: the Go siblings’ father split not long after the twins were born. Their mother was an ambitious woman, and made enough money that the family was comfortable, but rarely had time for the family, so the kids wound up raising each other. This suited them just fine, once they had their superpowers, because they could work with minimal parental interference. Hego, being the oldest and having a type-A personality, set the rules and fancied himself the leader, but it was the second-oldest, Shego, that actually kept the team together. She was smart and driven, a little violent, but she kept a tight reign on the in-fighting and made sure her brothers stayed focused.

For a few years, Shego was fine with this arrangement. The trouble started when she started going to college. Her studies were important to her - she genuinely wanted to teach - but trying to be a good student on top of managing her brothers’ squabbling, trying to keep enough money coming in to fund their team,
and playing hero was a big stress. She fought more, particularly with Hego, who’d taken a minimum wage fast food job specifically so he had few commitments outside of fighting crime.. She started to resent her role as a do-gooder, unable to ever justify taking some time for herself when the city needed her. And she began to see a role that needed filling in her opponents. Many of the villains they fought ranged between deranged, disorganized, and downright incompetent. Slowly, Shego realized that as a supervillain, she could not only set her own hours, but that her skills would be valued. Besides, even if she got caught… good villains never stay in jail long. She knew that well enough. She switched sides not long after her graduation, after a rather explosive falling-out with Hego.

Shego started out her career in crime, specializing in theft, abroad. By the time Dr. Drakken tracked her down to offer her a permanent position as his sidekick, she had warrants out for her arrest in eleven countries. Dr. D learned of her through reputation, and his offer came with a fat paycheck, vacation, and benefits. All of which was more than tempting enough. His needs were simple - she was to steal materials he needed for his evil schemes, and be in charge of lair security. Maybe fight off the occasional do-gooder. She didn’t have any interest (at the time) in his dreams of world domination, but the cushy, relatively stable position was too good to pass off.

Kim Possible wasn’t even a serious downside, once she came on the scene. Shego even looked forward to pitting her skills against the teen hero’s, not to mention the banter. Her life of bouncing around from lair to lair with Drakken, stealing gadgets and fighting ‘Kimmi’ became quite comfortable. Drakken was an idiot, of course, but he kind of reminded her of her brothers that way. She thrived as a big fish in a small pond. Drakken’s low expectations made her work a breeze, even though he regularly annoyed the hell out of her. In some weird way, she grew to like taking care of him, and saving him from his own terrible ideas. All while mocking him mercilessly, of course. At the same time she grew to respect - even like - Kim as the only person who could keep her on her toes.

As the series progresses, Shego grows attached to her hopelessly incompetent employer, as well as more confident in her position - and therefore free to snark and mock as much as she wants without fear of retribution. Her life is comfortable and fun, and she likes it that way. There was only one time she let her frustration with the bumbling of the other villains drive her into her own world domination scheme, and it worked. Sort of. She did enslave the earth and rebuild it in her own image using a time travelling monkey statue (don’t ask), but Kim bested her, and once the timeline was restored, she didn’t even remember her victory.

As for her relationship with her rival… well, she loves to see Kimmie sweat, but the two have more in common than they’d like to admit. During a brief period where Shego became ‘good’ under the influence of a personality altering mad science device, she and the teen hero bonded like sisters. In the end, Shego teamed up with Kim Possible rather than see her defeated by the violent alien Warmonga.

Reincarnated History:

Sheila Go grew up in Chicago with her overworked father and two younger brothers. Although they care for each other, she didn’t get along with her reincarnation’s siblings any better than her original set. There was a lot of bickering in her childhood home, and she grew up quite independent because of it. No one was particularly surprised when Sheila decided to go halfway across the country to Locke City for college, or that she stayed to find work there after she graduated with a degree in child development.

After bouncing around in subbing and tutoring positions, she landed a job teaching history at the local high school; she’d minored in world history, thanks to a longstanding fascination with military tactics past and present. Getting set up with a nice apartment that she can only barely afford was the next step. Hey, a girl’s allowed to have her luxuries, right? She’s been teaching for a couple years now, and had garnered a reputation among the students for being tough, a little scary, but fair. She’s very good at figuring out creative punishments for people who goof off or slack in her classes. After school, she runs a club for the strategy board game Go - it started as a joke, and just sort of… stuck.

Outside of work, Sheila’s not very social. She likes her privacy and her personal time, thank you very much. After home and school, the easiest place to find her is the gym. She takes a kickboxing class there and works out, but it’s also an excellent place to pick up the muscular, not terribly bright fellows she’s fond of. Not boyfriend material, but that’s kind of the point - most of her flings last a night or a weekend, and never more than a week. If she’s not at the gym, she’s shopping. Credit card debt is a constant, looming presence in her life.

First Echo:

Sheila was one of the unfortunates who drank the tap water on August 2nd, in her morning cup of coco moo hot chocolate. The following giggle-fit gave her an Echo back to the moodulator incident, during which an experimental device that remotely changed her moods was accidentally attached to her. She’s regained the memory of Dr. Drakken cowering as her emotions swung wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. Along with it comes a shortened fuse on her temper - for reasons not clear to her, she's having trouble keeping a lid on things.

Preincarnation Personality:

Shego’s had an attitude since the moment she could talk - cranky, her brothers call her. She’s confident, assertive, fearless (almost - she has a healthy respect for things with more teeth than her), and not shy about showing it. When she has an opinion about something - and she always does - everyone knows it. And she’s very good at what she does, so she can afford to mouth off to just about anyone, including her boss. All added up, that makes her one tough, independent lady who does everything on her own terms. If anyone tries to force her to do otherwise, they have her short, violent temper to answer to.

To outsiders, the big mystery about Shego is why she chose to attach herself to a complete loser like Drakken. Sure, the money is good, and greed is a major motivator for the woman, but her reputation is also important to her. She’ll cooperate with her do-gooder brothers to avoid the risk of Kim revealing that she used to be a good guy, but then she’ll go along with one of her boss’s terribly planned, overly complicated, utterly hopeless world domination schemes. And it’s not like the world’s lacking competent villains, most of whom would jump at a chance to have her in their corner.

The simple explanation is that she doesn’t want to rule the world. It’s too fussy, for her. Too much responsibility, not enough fun. If she were really motivated towards Drakken’s goal, it’d have been accomplished a hundred times over, as it was in A Sitch in Time. She became so frustrated with trying to corral three ridiculous supervillains that she decided to show them all up - without that stressor (since the events in that movie were retconned due to time travel shenanigans), she never even tries.

No, her style is more world-class thief. Anything valuable and guarded well enough to be a challenge is fair game in her book, and Drakken sends her on plenty of jobs that are right up that alley. The only thing she ever protested stealing was a disabled kid’s suped-up wheelchair, so she does have some twisted sense of morals, or at least honor. He also needs her, and she relishes the control that gives her in their relationship. She can mock, threaten, insult, or yell at him, and he’ll still come crawling back to her at the end of the day. As such, he’s a perfect boss for her. He comes up with all the actual schemes, and deals with the tetchy little details like finding them new lairs. She does whatever she feels like, which mostly amounts to stealing and fighting, and occasionally wrangling the henchmen.

Frankly, she wallows in the low expectations. What she can’t buy on her salary, she can steal. All her responsibilities are completely on her own terms - she can blow off Drakken whenever she feels like, after all. She’s experienced first-hand the rigors of being the good-guy. Never being able to take a vacation, always being on call the first time someone has the tiniest problem, not even being able to ask for payment in exchange for saving lives. Villany, she finds, is a much better fit for her values. Namely, that she takes care of herself, first. Shego is, in essence, a selfish and egotistical person, but she makes it work for her.

Her relationships with others are often cold and distant. Thanks to her violence and prickly nature, she doesn’t connect easily with others, and prefers to keep them at arm’s length. Even Dr. Drakken, whom she’s closest to, has a very rocky relationship with her. Sometimes she’s protective, almost sweet. Other times, she’s likely to blast him across the room. Her moods are intense and fluid, and when she decides to take offense at something, good luck changing her mind. Luckily, the man’s adaptable. This version of Shego is ignoring the implications of a possible romantic relationship between the two of them that appeared in the series finale, due to player preference.

Even her rivalry with Kim Possible is marked by that mercurial intensity - she can’t stand the idea of someone else defeating ‘Kimmie,’ and would rather help save the world than surrender that honor to someone else. It’s clear that matching blows with the teenager is one of the highlights of her working life, as she’s never so happy as when she’s fighting and taunting the hero. In fact, her most normal relationship in the show was with Senior Senior Junior, whom she tutored. She would get frustrated with him, but exercised a lot more restraint and patience than was her usual wont. When he started to improve, she was genuinely proud and supportive of him. For some reason, a mentoring role comes more naturally to her than ones involving friendship or family.

Any differences:

Moral Compass: Sheila never had the pressure or exposure that lead her preincarnation to the life of crime. As such, while she’s still rather egotistical and self-assured, she’s more defined by society’s rules and limitations. While she’s no saint, she at least makes the effort to live inside the law, even though it (ironically) results in a worse credit score than she had as a villain.

Confidence: It’s hard to be so cocksure and fearless when she doesn’t have the power to blast through her problems. Literally. Sheila isn’t so quick to blow off authority figures, at least not to their face. And if she does have a problem, she’s more likely to go through official channels and get others to back her up. She still has violent tendencies, but it’s no longer her first solution to any problem, particularly on school grounds (she does try to behave herself for the sake of her job).

Mild-mannered? Perhaps not by most people's standards, but compared to the original Shego, Sheila is pretty laid back. It's difficult to maintain the same degree of intensity when the most conflict she deals with regularly is a room full of teenagers who think the Battle of Gettysburg isn't as titillating as who's taking who to the spring formal. NOTE: due to her first Echo, she’s had a shorter temper lately, but that hardly puts her on par with her preincarnation.


Close Combat: Shego is an expert at hand-to-hand combat. She’s been fighting since she and her brothers got their powers as children, and so she’s had plenty of time to polish her technique. In canon, she’s shown to be more than a match for groups of henchmen and single, skilled opponents alike. Additionally, only Shego and one other villain - Monkeyfist - can regularly keep up with Kim Possible in a one-on-one melee fight. She uses whatever is effective, so her style is closest to something like mixed martial arts meets parkour.

Athletics: Which leads into her athletic skill. Shego’s an accomplished acrobat as well as a fighter, often seen pulling stunts like leaping off walls, swinging from railings, or dodging laser beams. Most of her moves she had to pick up in her field, although she did take gymnastics for a few years, before the superpowers came on the scene.

Thievery: What Shego’s best known for in the criminal underworld. She can do the old smash-and-grab if the situation calls for it, but she’s best at being a cat burglar. She knows the ins and outs of most security measures, and knows enough tricks to get around almost all the rest. When a villain needs something well-hidden, heavily guarded, or otherwise tricky to obtain, Shego’s one of the first to get the call.

Plasma: What Shego’s famous for. The meteorite that hit her treehouse as a child gave her the ability to generate green plasma energy in her hands. She can use this in a variety of ways. If she keeps it concentrated on her hands, her powers juice up her attacks, allowing her punches to land with significant force, even blasting through walls. It can break through something binding her hands, as well, if she can put enough power into it to damage whatever material’s holding her. Wood stockade? Easy. Alien tech? Much harder. If she’s holding something and powers up, she can burn it, or use the boost to crush it in her grip. If she uses her nails (see ‘gloves’ below), she can easily gouge metal.

At a distance, she can form the plasma into balls that she can throw at her targets. The plasma explodes with heat and concussive force, breaking obstacles or knocking back opponents. She can also form a plasma blast - a continuous beam from her hands to the target. This packs more of a punch, but also takes more out of her, so she uses it sparingly. For finesse work, she has enough control to pull off tricks like melting glass or frying locks or electrical equipment.

Gloves: Her costume isn’t particularly special, besides being flexible and tear-resistant. Her gloves, however, have the fingers tipped in metal claws to use in combat or breaking and entering. She’s frequently seen filing them to keep them in top condition.

Durability: Although never addressed in canon, Shego frequently takes a blows no average person could walk away from. She walks away from attacks like being thrown through a metal door or falling from a significant height. As such, it’s reasonable to assume her powers give her a minor boost to her fortitude.

Roleplay Sample - Third Person:

Like many of the teachers, Miss Sheila Go liked to get to school early. She had a quiz on Egyptian pharaohs to make copies of, and some setup for another class’s presentations on the civil war. Of course, she didn’t need to be in quite this early to get things done, but she hated to rush. It clashed with the cool, collected attitude she worked so hard to maintain.

So she wasn’t in a hurry when she strolled down the hall, stack of papers in hand, and spotted someone she hadn’t expected to see back in school quite so soon. “Well, well, well! If it isn’t our resident bad boy. Did someone bail you out, or did you escape on your own, Randy?” All teasing aside, she was probably one of the few adults in the high school who wasn’t giving him dirty looks.

The look she got back was annoyed, but more in the tired way of someone who was expecting a lot of that, and so far wasn’t surprised. He unlocked his classroom door as he answered: “Neither, in fact. The arrest was in error.” Lyall pretty much expected problems from the students, but he had hoped, a little, that the staff would have believed in him a little. But he’s only been here fifteen minutes, and already he’s had two people glower at him, and now this.

"Uh, heh, doy. You wouldn't be back at work otherwise." Sheila shook her head. "You know, you really ought to learn to take a joke. Play it up a little. Get a leather jacket - who knows? Might be a good look on you." She held up her free hand, using her fingers to frame him as she envisioned the poor fellow done up greaser-style. Nope. Couldn't keep a straight face. She snickered. "Then again, maybe not."

Lyall rolled his eyes a little. “No, you’re right about that, I don’t think I can pull off leather. Or jokes, for the most part.” That part earned a sigh, mostly for his own rather pathetic sense of humor, and he pushed his classroom door open. “Did you need something, Miss Go?” he added, half-turning to look at her over his shoulder.

“Who, me? Nah. Just glad to see you made it back unscathed, Prof.” The nickname just suited Lyall. Sheila was big on nicknames. “Stay out of trouble, now.” Really, she was mostly amused. Out of all the teachers in the school, the soft-spoken science geek was the least likely person to get arrested, in her amateur opinion. She re-adjusted the pictures and waved before heading back down the hall.

Looking bemused, Lyall looked after her for a beat before putting on a little smile and calling after her, “Well… thank you. I will do my very best, I promise.” Maybe she wasn’t all that annoying, in the end. At least she didn’t think he’d done anything wrong!

Roleplay Sample - Network:


Okay, did someone put something in the bottled water this time, because I haven’t touched the tap stuff.

[The message is in bold, elegant handwriting. In fact, some high school students may find it awfully familiar.]

Because seriously, if what I’m seeing here is real, I’ve clearly lost my marbles somewhere. You can’t find a weird chatroom full of loonies by writing down a few numbers, am I right?, seriously, am I? Because in the off chance I’m NOT hallucinating, I want answers. Like, yesterday.


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